Friday, October 12, 2012

My Tiny Brain Wave #5 - Easy Paper Wreath Forms

I'm afraid it's been ages since my last Tiny Brain Wave. Do you even remember this little series? Do I? Let's harken back for a moment... Ah yes! A tiny brain wave is that immensely occasional feature wherein I share an idea that, in itself, is NOT a craft but rather an idea or technique that might come in handy for making a craft somehow sometime.

Right. Oh.

Today I'm showing you how I made the simple little wreath forms above. Okay then?

You will need: a pair of scissors, strip of craft paper (or any paper), water, yogurt tub (or something equally cylindrical), microwave oven (optional)

I started by cutting a roughly 5 inch (12.5cm) strip of paper the width of my craft paper roll which I'm guessing is about 30 inches or 75 cm wide or so.

I poured a little water over the strip. I didn't completely wet it. Just mostly. And then I folded in the raw edges of the paper.

Working gently so as not to rip the paper, I twisted the entire wetted strip. I then wrapped it snuggly around a small plastic tub, the kind yogurt or sour cream come in, you know? The twisted strip made it around the tub 2 whole times.

I tucked both ends of the strip between the tub and twisted strip. It held in place quite securely.

Finally, I placed the tub with twisted paper in the microwave on High for 2 minutes. Had I been more patient I could also have let it air-dry overnight. Alas, patient I was not. Not this time. The microwave allowed me to make 4 little 4 inch (10cm) diameter wreath forms in a matter of minutes. See how cute?

These little wreath forms are very lightweight and quite sturdy because of the doubly-wrapped twisted paper. I wouldn't go so far as putting them outside or anything krayzay like that. But they are ideal for indoor decor and perfect for kids to get involved in. All you need are some paper strips, water and a cylindrical thing to act as a mold!

And now for the best part... DECORATE AT WILL! That's up next...


P.S. For a million (okay, maybe not quite a million...) wreath ideas hop over to The Wreath Blog!
P.P.S. Go to the bottom of the page HERE for old Brain Waves.


  1. What an easy wreath foundation! This one might come quite handy in the nick of time :)

  2. thank you Michele for a quick and nice diy !!!
    Christmas is not so far and this idea is so handy....!!!! ;oD
    xxx Alessandra

  3. Hello michele,
    Great technique, i never would of thought of that and I think it might come in very useful in futur.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Big hug,

  4. I always wonder how your clever brain works! Great idea!

  5. But I want to see how you decorated YOUR wreaths. :)

  6. So easy, so genious! :) Really a great methods one could apply for a lot of other shapes too!

  7. Cool, Michele! I've been thinking about how to plan for cool crafts for our children's program at church...maybe these will make their way into the curriculum this year. : )

    Also, no worries about infrequent contributions to your Brain Wave series...we don't mind a bit and are happy to read whenever a new idea like this strikes!

  8. awesome! i LOVE the wreath on your header...have you posted about it before? :)

  9. Thank you for sharing. It has got my mind working. :)

  10. Oh wow. That's a great idea. Thanks for sharing it, Michele. I think I'd like to try to make a bigger one around a plastic bucket or something like that. Paper play and paper crafts are my favorite, you know! Heheheheee!

  11. Well, this is amazing, i´ve been looking for ideas to do whith children at craft time and you have plenty of them. I´m your new follower, and thank you for sharing your tutorials!!!
    XXOO Olga♥
    El tocador de Cenicienta

  12. I like these just in paper form. But a great base for all kinds of things. Love this and sharing on FB and Pinterest and at family reunions....

  13. ciekawy pomysł :) pozdrawiam

  14. IM-presssssive! Now i never, ever will be without a wreath form when one is needed! Your brain waves are genius ya know?

  15. These would be great for a small parrot toy they love to chew paper if the right paper is used

  16. Amazing post. This would work outdoors if you wanted it to by spraying it or painting it with floor sealant!! :)


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