Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No Rush.

Sometimes it's nice to set the speedometer to slow...

and enjoy the easy pace of a little hand-quilting...


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  1. You are a very patient person Michelle!!! Good for you!!
    xxx Alessandra

  2. I am not a quilter, but I completely agree with your statement. Whether its drawing, painting or a little embroidery, just shutting out the world and enjoying TIME one stitch or stroke at a time is bliss. Enjoy your beautiful creative time, Michele!

  3. The first quilt I ever made was hand quilted, and there is nothing else like it. Sometimes it is good to slow down and just enjoy the moments. Hope you show us when it's done!

  4. To just relax and enjoy the process!!

  5. So true, take it slow.... enjoy! LOve the quilt.

  6. hope you can also enjoy some slow food in the process : )

  7. Hi, I am about to embark on my first hand quilting project. I purchased a hoop to help me, but I notice you are not using one. Is it easier with our without? Also, what is the best way to baste? Stitching?

    1. Hi Michele,

      I don't use a hoop because I personally find it easier to quilt without one. I'm sure many people would frown on that, however, because a hoop does helps to stretch your quilt sandwich and prevent bunching. I say try quilting with the hoop first, and if you like it, great! If not, you can always ditch it like I did. :)

      And basting? There are many schools of thought on that too. Some people swear by basting spray. Some people use safety pins. Some stitch like I do. I've stuck with stitching for a couple of reasons. I don't use basting spray because I don't like the idea of spraying gluey stuff in my air. And I also don't like the fact that I'd be left with a spray can to chuck in the garbage. I've tried safety pins but I've found them awkward to use. So stitching is what I do by default.

      I don't know if that is very helpful... hopefully it is a little. :)

      Have fun with the quilting!

  8. Yes enjoy the moment and you will enjoy the outcome ...

  9. I agree and I dream of hand quilting. Instead I do counted cross stitch. :)

  10. Yes, doing a little hand sewing can be meditative and calming for me too. I know what you mean, Michele. Love what you're doing.

  11. Hello Michele,
    I think you have to slow down once in a while or you forget to appreciate and enjoy. Wow, that's a beautiful one you're working on...lovely.
    Big hug,


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