Saturday, February 9, 2013

Twice The Ice

Had it ever truly frozen, it would have been my very first skating rink. I spent weeks trying to build that flat piece of ice. I imagined myself gliding gracefully across its surface. Crosscutting over its length. Inch by inch, I trampled snow with my feet to create a base for the ice. To build up the banks which serve to hold in the water, I harvested snow from far and wide. Many times in the darkness of night, I stretched out a garden hose to water the nascent ice... Day in and day out amidst fluctuating temperatures, I worked on my baby. I worked hard. I was determined to make me a rink. But the warm days only got warmer. On those days, I struggled to gather snow to throw on top of the softening mass to protect it from the killing rays of the sun. As it turned out, it didn't stand a chance. My precious creation died before it was ever truly born. A failure, it was. Fully and completely. Mother Nature was in no mood; winter wasn't happening. I was heart-broken. I shed real tears over it, actually. I seriously questioned if I'd ever attempt ice rink-making again. All that work! And for what? A pathetic behemoth of a slush-puddle, and not a lick of skating.

But that was last year.

This year in a truly astonishing reversal of fortune, an ice rink materialized in the exact location of last year's disaster... God's honest truth, a large swath of beautifully flat, perfect ice appeared after a few tiny days of rain followed by a cold snap. Coincidental? Maybe... Or maybe Mother Nature felt bad about last year's slush-ridden fiasco and decided I deserved my very very own, ready-to-serve, gorgeous ice rink. Or maybe she gave me this fully-prepared skating surface to avoid having to witness my ice-making incompetency two years running. I don't know. Either way, I am just dazzled by the whole darn thing.

Not to mention... we get to skate! Weeeeeee...



  1. reminds me when my mum did teach me and my sisters to skate on iced lawns in Calgary....sweet memories!!!!
    have fun!!!
    xxxx Ale

  2. You & Mother Nature did a fabulous job this year! Enjoy :)

  3. Wheeee....brrrr! Glad you go your magically-appearing ice rink this year - looks so fun!

  4. Weeeee! There is nothing more fun than skating on a back yard ice rink. Hope it stays cold for a while so you can enjoy it longer. Have fun!

  5. I believe someone was watching your efforts last year and decided you totally deserved a naturally made rink all of your own. Love your story!


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