Friday, April 26, 2013

What would you call this mood I'm in?



  1. Oh my, I don’t know what state you are in, but I love all the letters, words, sentences and different letterfonts. I learned some really great new words today!

  2. I have a very nice pair of jambes!!!!!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  3. Heeeehaha! Love it! At least he doesn't also mix them up with exaggerate. (wearing my jammies while writing this)

  4. rsrsrsrsrs ...infelizmente o Google Tradutor não me ajudou...
    Um abraço!


  5. Jammie days are the BEST! It means you are in rejuvenation mode!!! Have apple pie for breakfast! (Wheatless would be apple compote!)

  6. I think we should both wear our jammies. Oops, first I have to buy or make some... give me some time.
    Our berries in our yard go to birds. I get couple of blueberries each year, but no strawberries.
    My hubby uses all the wrong words, too. And manners? Did Mable not teach him any?
    Love this post - so different and fun.

  7. Hahahahaaa! I love your rambling train of thought and mine has been similar although with less worry as of late----learning to forgive and let go-----you know. Hugs to you, Michelle! And a jammy party sounds great to me!!!

  8. adorable post. your face is far from long. i think pixie would be adorable.

  9. Michele,is it the PMS striking hard dear?
    It shall soon pass and you can stay in your jammies as long as you want.
    I relate to all of the above said when the "fabulous" PMS hits ME - but I also snap and can bite my hubby's head off. Sad but true :(

  10. That seemed like a random moment from my head, so I totally relate. BTW jammies are all the rage with the in crowd.

  11. I hope that one day we shall meet. It wouldn't matter what we wear, but I hope your question would be- "My dear! Why did we wait so long to make this happen?"
    Pixie cuts are darling, you would be stunning. If you hate it, hair grows.
    Berries rarely grow where I live, and not freely for sure. I would delight if they did though,and mornings would be much more tasty.

  12. I call this mood "Lady Grey". It's a old song: Oh I feel so blue today, I call this mood Lady Grey. Blue is much too bright to be the way I feel these days. Coz blue is sky, blue is sea, grey is nothing just like me. I think of how it used to be and it sure gives me the greys.

    Love the song, and it suits my mood at those times I can't describe it any other way. Hope you feel more bright soon!!


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