Wednesday, May 22, 2013

He Takes Me Out

Thursday of last week, Lo out of the blue decides we seriously need a date. Like big time. Thing is, we hardly ever go out okay. I can hardly even remember the last time we had a date night. November sounds familiar though... So it's been a little while, eh? And it's kinda getting to be a bit of a situation.

So like I say, Lo takes it upon himself to organize a date for us without my prior knowledge or consent. He books us a babysitter - my eldest daughter, Elle, who's 25 and lives in the big city. He books us a hotel room in the big city. He books us tickets to see The Wizard of Oz because he knows how I am with my musicals. And then he comes home and tells me I have no choice but to go.

He knows me well. Coercion and bribery are effective ways to get me out of the house. Because, as you may have surmised, I have hermit-like tendencies. If I were an animal, it would be a toss-up between baby kangaroo and turtle. Turtle because my physical home would always be with me, and baby kangaroo because I could jump in a comfy pouch whenever I wanted. I am a homebody. I like to be warm at all times and the outside world is a cold place without blankets.

Now, say there were blankets in every restaurant, movie theatre, public outdoor place, and sporting event. I would be SO there. My only stipulation is that the blankets would have to be clean and warm. No dirty or thread-bare blankets. But, yes, if the outside world was full of freshly-laundered cozy blankets, I would be out there schmoozing, making connections and - what's-the-word?... NETWORKING like nobody's business. Sadly, this is not the case. So I stay home under my many blankets and talk to myself.

With the exception of this weekend, that is. Indeed, we do go out on our date. We have a lovely 3-hour drive to the big city. Lo and I talk the whole time. I don't think we even disagree once during the whole ride. It's like a miracle. We drop The Boy off at his sister's house, and then we're off on our date. Holding hands and such. He takes me out to a lovely little restaurant, and then clothes shopping. Typically, I go clothes shopping about once a year. In recent years, Lo has resorted to ordering my clothing on-line without my prior knowledge or consent, because he's sick and tired of seeing me in the same clothing for years on end. He mostly orders me pajamas because the sizes are easy to figure out. I have so many pajamas. Another reason I never leave the house.

Anyway, after the shopping, we take in our musical. It's lovely! The choral numbers especially. That wall of human voices... So powerful! Though, I do have to say, no one will ever ever ever live up to the brilliance of Judy Garland and the original Toto. But how could they?

After the show, Lo and I have a disagreement. Our first of the day. Something about tone of voice. Something truly silly. It doesn't last, thankfully. We work it out. We end the night on a high note. So to speak.

Next day, we pick The Boy up and drive home again. The Boy sleeps like a darn angel the entire 3 hour drive home. He's had a busy night himself I guess. I sleep a lot too because dates are tiring things. Lo and I hardly say two words to each other. It's a comfortable, welcome and peaceful quiet though.

And now we're home again. There are blankets here. It's warm. I'm with my little family. And I couldn't agree more. There is no place like home.


P.S. The above photos show a few iterations of "M"s and one of the headers I created (AKA the rejects) that eventually lead to the new header and blog design. It's mostly done now (yay!) and I'm so pleased with it. Thank you to Whitney for creating the navigation and social media buttons.


  1. Oh, how lovely, Michele! I'm so glad to hear your hubby coerced you to go out on a date! That makes me laugh. I hear you about cozy blankets and being a homebody! I have that too, but I balance it with some time out with friends. I love the rejected M's and the new look of your site. It makes me want to revamp mine too. Thanks for being you!!!!!

  2. I like your husband's style. Sounds like a perfect evening out. Nice narrative.

  3. What a wonderful and thoughtful thing for him to do! Glad to hear you had a great time! I always think a house is not a home without a quilt.

  4. Ohhh, so thoughtful of your dear Lo!
    I recognize the hermit-like behavior, there’s no place like home! Love your new header

  5. I am jealous of your fabulous elaborate overnight date! So sweet that the siblings also had a night of bonding. Blankies everywhere? If only you were queen of the world!

    The header is gorgeous and very very you.

  6. Your hubby has been really nice and lovely to you!!!! Good!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  7. Yeah for Lo!! It is wonderful gift he gave you.

  8. Sounds a perfect date night. How lovely for you all xx

  9. How fun for you, must post a photo of the new outfit!I hope Toronto treated you well, we haven't seen Wizard of Oz yet, but it is on our bucket list!

  10. That's beautiful Michele! I would love a surprise date night! My best friend's husband has taken her on several "pack your bag, you'll find out when we get there excursions"!
    I suppose though I'm a bit of a homebody too, not much for crowds and motel rooms.....So it would have to be bed and breakfast inns and shopping quaint little shops!!! ;)

  11. Date night sounds great! We're very good at staying in too. I love the new look too xx

  12. What a honey Lo is. Sounds like a great night out. Loving your new blog too!


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