Friday, July 19, 2013

Retro-Groovy Sewing Machine Cover Revamp

I revampled my old sewing machine's (you know her as Betty) cover and base. Ya, I know the term is technically "revamped" but I typed "revampled" by accident and decided to go with it. Sometimes you just have to love your mistakes.

So ya, get a load of this. Miss Betty has got herself a snazzy new outfit. You can't miss 'er now, can ya? Hee heeeeee.

She's a little bit retro and a lot groovy in her flashy new cover, eh?

I got this look by mod-podging junkmail and construction paper circles over the entire cover and base. I didn't actually choose the construction paper colours. I just used The Boy's rejects: orange, pink, purple, yellow and brown. He's a touch picky about his construction paper hues. Anything remotely pink or purple or yellow he rolls his eyes and will not touch. Way, way too girly. And I think he rejects the brown and orange because they do not excite him... He knows what he likes, I guess.

And I borrowed my little sister's 2-inch circle punch. It came in darn handy to punch out the quantity of paper circles I needed.

The cover was originally clad in grey paper. I removed that about 5 years ago. Here's what the cover had been looking like these last few years.  I yawn.

Quite a change, eh?

I could have made an effort to have the top and base seam match. But I didn't even think of it, truthfully. So I may have to fix that 'cause it's bugging me now. But I like the basic concept and colours. It's fun to have something this colourful and lively in the house!

Now I feel like circle-podging the living room too. Don't think Lo will go for it... I do have a lot of paper circles left though. So, fair warning: don't be surprised if you see them here sometime!



  1. This is beautiful! So cheerful and provoking smiles... A lovely idea to refresh something old and looking dull. Thank you!

  2. Perfect and uncommon restyling! I like the colours! Great work as usual!

  3. That's Groovy! (I'm of the generation that use to use that word!) And Mod Podge! I used lots of Mod Podge for lots of decoupage projects!!! Looks good! Didn't notice the miss match of the base and top till you pointed it out. But I understand how an "oops" can bug a person, it's always the first thing our eye goes to.
    Fun project!!!!!

  4. A Betty deve estar se sentindo uma adolescente com esta roupa nova! Alegre, vibrante, divertida e ousada!
    Um abraço!

    Betty must be feeling a teenager with this new outfit! Cheerful, vibrant, fun and daring!

  5. so happy and cheerful!!!!! this is a lovely project (colourful and simple) even if it's a little bit time consuming!!! LOVE IT!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  6. At first glance I thought it was fabric. What a brilliant idea and it's enough to brighten anyone's miserable day.

  7. You are certainly going to stand out at the next sew-in. Very cute.

  8. Looks good and it's a great idea. Don't change anything to cover the mismatched seam - just glue some ribbon along both edges. Separating it a bit will disguise the seam.

    Heather M.

  9. I love your circles and how you did the top overlapping to make clamshells. I have been meaning to decoupage my old Pfaff cover for ages myself, but I wanted to wrap duct tape around the lid first to make sure it was secure after I (also) started ripping off old paper/vinyl? covering. I definitely don't want to make the mistake of picking it up by the handle and dropping a 1958 solid metal machine on my toes if I have compromised the lid somehow. Yikes!
    Hey I was curious to know how much Mod Podge your project took. I hope one bottle will do. Any details on your process and how many coats you used would help if you got the time to fill me in!
    All the colors that your son passed over go so beautifully together! Good job!

  10. Beautiful job!! As always, you amaze me!

  11. Cool - that is so awesome! What a great idea!

  12. seriously retro - a bit of work too...


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