Monday, September 16, 2013


Tell me if this storage concept makes sense to you. Store your stuff on one layer. That way you'll be able to see every bit of it. And if you can see your stuff, then you might actually use it! I don't know about you but it resonates with me so I'll be trying it in practice whenever possible.

I recently made two pink shallow wooden shelves keeping this concept in mind. Oh, how pleasing to see my supplies arranged so prettily and so closely to hand. 

I made a third wooden storage thingy too. This one is more of a drawer. It sits atop a rolley crate that makes its home under my work table. My Lo made the crate several years ago. I made the drawer to exactly fit his crate and to hold my array of pencils, scissors and paint brushes. When I need something, I just pull out the rolley crate and BEHOLD... there they all are! 

Each of these three pieces is essentially a wooden ladder backed with a piece of plywood. Totally make-able if you can get your hands of some wood, a saw, a hammer and nails. I used the simplest of joinery, the butt joint, connected with gobs of glue and nails, to make mine. 

And speaking of butt joints, I better get off mine and get back to work, eh? Today there's sewing on the agenda. More on that later this week...



  1. One layer storage is the only way that works for me! I am not there yet but I try. All other solution didn't work with me. I want to work with all my stuff at several projects at the same time therefor I take everything (okay, just a lot... but that is enough ^^) out and surround myself with it. On the table, the window front, around me on the floor... I have to see it! ;)

  2. I totally agree with one layer storage! Hubby made me jewellery drawers, two shallow and wide drawers for all my jewellery. So much better than a jewellery box! Easy to see everything because it's not all on top of itself.

  3. Beautiful! So jealous of your skillz.

  4. Great work Michele! I love those shelves. Woodwork is something I've tried but haven't mastered yet. I keep seeing really cool things people are making with wood though, so I'm not going to give up!

  5. Makes complete sense to me and it looks great too!

  6. My Hub would love this. In an ideal world all storage devices - cupboards and refrigerators - would be one layer deep. Except that takes a lot of wall space, sigh.

  7. Parabéns pela marcenaria! Suas prateleiras ficaram muito boas! Uau!
    Um abraço!

    Congratulations on woodworking! His shelves were very good! Wow!

  8. Brilliant idea, but I don't have that many walls. Yours are so beautifully organized, too!


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