Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Skill: Crochet

When I say Life List, you know what I mean, right? It's that list of all the amazing things you want to do before you, ya know, kick the bucket. Well, very near the top of my Life List was -you guessed it- learn to crochet a granny square. Big dreams, big dreams... So yesterday, I sat down with my little sister and together we worked on teaching me how to crochet. Yes, admittedly, it's not one of my crafty strengths. But I was determined to at least make one granny square before I die. And sure, the fact that I am left-handed was a stumbling block, but that didn't stop me. Hell no. I worked on that orange one for quite a while. I ripped it out... oh say... 8-ish times until I was able to (all on my own mind you) get it right.

Here, before your very eyes, is the result of that effort. TWO WHOLE granny squares!!! Believe me, it was worth the effort. Thanks for your help, Ariane, look what I made!

Scratch that one off the list...


  1. That's great! You did so well. I love the orange and the grey together too!!

  2. It's addictive and those little squares just seem to miltiply. Have fun!


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