Monday, August 16, 2010

In All This Floofy Bloggishness

I have told you before. I am having a quite a good time being here. Floating with you in the blogosphere. Making the things I make. Sharing them here on this screen, through some wires and through the air. How all of that internetty magic works, I haven't the foggiest. But, might I say? The thing that brings me the most joy in all this floofy bloggishness is when someone (like you, for instance) takes a half-baked idea of mine and goes off with it on their own creative tangent. This has happened a few times now. And if you'll forgive a girl her silly indulgence for a moment, please let me cite the examples that I know of.

Mascott, the little teddy bear at Mascottblog took this idea

and for his friend's birthday, made these. As table decor. Never thought of that!

Jenny at Jen's Inspirations took this idea...

and made this needle book. Her very own Jensters version. So pretty!

Catherine of The Sewing Attic took this idea...

and made one for this gorgeous bag! One handmade covered button from scratch. Done!

Saraccino took this nutty idea...

and made these plastic flower pins. I think her versions are so free and beautiful!

Tere from The Quilted Pug saw these little guys...

and is making a whole batch of nine (9!) of her own. These are hers. They are going to be lovely! I cannot wait to see them all done.

(N.B. The dolly idea does not originate with Michele Made Me, the above dollies are just my take on them. Find out more about Dolly Donations here.)

I am "bouche-bée", speechless. Thank you so much for these virtual gifts. They make me happy. Many hugs to you.

Have a great day!


Floof: Term coined by the wordsmith who runs Mich L. in L.A.; verb meaning to fluff or manipulate lightly so as to bring about a natural and airy appearance (I think... but who knows really... she made it up...)

Floofy: Term coined by me; adjective or adverb meaning deceptively fluffy or airy, or having little actual mass.


  1. Inspiring others to be creative is the best thing about this blogging thing for me too. So cool to see what other people have done with your creations.

  2. Well, look at you spreading creativity all over the world! I had fun following all your links and seeing the other creations! I'm not sure it is entirely floofy. You are spreading happiness among creative people :)

  3. Thanks for the link! I actually got 10 of the lil boys done over the weekend. They are getting ready to travel this week! You can see them here :)

    Thanks again for the inspiration!

  4. You are a very inspiring woman indeed! :o)

  5. Oh, thanks! :)

    And I like the word floofy ^^

    The internet, with all the blogs, people and their ideas are such a great catalysator for one owns thoughts. Especially with (for me at least but I think like for most people) never enough time for creating and crafting (since this has to compete with sleep and eating ;))

  6. You are definitely inspiring Michele, thanks for sharing these :)

  7. Bonjour or rather bonsoir ! ... To show I am visiting here from France .... Yes , I am grateful for the internet everyday ! ... I am so grateful now that I am going to have time and do things I like to have also this opportunity to share and " meet " people and be inspired !!!
    Merci encore !!! Mais je n 'ai pas encore fait les boutons ! I will let you know , of course !


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