Sunday, August 15, 2010

Series 1 - Part 9: THE FEAST OF THE FLOWER: Plantain Seed Heads

Hi. It is Sunday.

And I have this phrase swirling around my head today: "Hug it out".

All morning, every few minutes or so: "Hug it out", and moments later again: "Hug it out".

What do you think? Is the universe speaking to me? Is it, in all its cosmic glory, trying to tell me something?

To reach out and touch someone maybe? To make amends? To look beyond my own little bubble and bounce into someone else's for a while?

I don't know.

Do YOU need a hug?

You probably do.

Alright... Well, honestly I'm not really into the whole public display of affection thing. But I'm being moved by forces greater than myself here.

So here you go. O <-- That's a hug. A free-no-strings-attached-i'm-a-friend-so-it's-okay hug.

Have yourself a lovely day!

P.S. The flowers are made of large leaved-plantain seed heads. This "weed" runs rampant in the yards and fields near my home.

P.P.S. For earlier posts in this, the never-ending Feast of the Flower series, click here and work your way through the links...


  1. Im taking one of those ((hugs)) as i think i need you have made with these flowers are super Michele x

  2. I love what you have made with the seed heads..... they make great pictures. Thanks for hug - here's one back.... HUG

  3. Your plantain sculptures are very lovely. such a lowly plant made into a thing of beauty. Of course it has its own beauty in nature but you have changed it, made it something new.

  4. Oh my goodness, I'm {{{{hugging}}}} you back. Thanks for that :D

    Wow, those seed thingies are cute. how creative!!!

  5. These are gorgeous! I'm wondering whether they will dry into a lovely golden colour.

  6. Oh and thanks for the hug! I was in need of one...

  7. Fantastic work...they remind me of traditional offerings made to celebrate seasons :-)

  8. Thanks for the hug. O to you back! Love your feast of the flower.

  9. Oh, yikes!!! These are outrageous, Michele. Like the most intricate woven basketry. I feel like The Feast needs to be on exhibit somewhere, all together for maximum impact. You owe us one more, right? Can't wait!

  10. Thanks for the hug! Yes, I think I needed one (or more ^^).

    So here is the hug for you, hope you like it :)

  11. Dear Michele, I love your creativity on your blog it has such a liveliness!

  12. these are amazing!!! Wow! Hugs back to you...

  13. These are so cool! remind me of crop circles, well they are I suppose!


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