Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trash Talk

When my trash speaks, I listen.

Early this morning I was minding my own business, doing a little cleaning, trying to chuck a few sticky tape dispensers into the recycling bin when to my astonishment, they - the tape dispensers - began uttering words. I couldn't believe it. At first, I thought: "Oh geez, here we go, Michele. You know the deep end? Clearly, you've just gone off it."

But it was true. My little tape dispensers were trying to communicate. Trying to send me, well, messages I think. Admittedly, the messages were kinda strange. I had to do some lickety-split interpretation. But when the tape dispensers said:


well I simply could not disagree with them! The whole situation was indeed "odd"!

And when they shouted rather enthusiastically:

(do egg),

it was clear they were telling me, in their unique little way, that breakfast-time was upon us.

Sure, they said some stuff that was just nonsensical, like:


We don't have a dog. And if we did, his name would certainly NOT be Bob. I have no idea what they were on about.

And I simply turned a deaf ear when they told me to:


I've never begged before and I'm not about to start now. Though, they did have a point with their snippy little retort:


Sure. Yes. Maybe. Maybe it's an ego thing! I don't know how to ask for help. That's always been something I've needed to work on. But I draw the line at begging, OK?!

It is the following messages that really grabbed my attention and made me question my sanity:


Right then and there I decided that all of this was a cry for help. These tape dispensers wished to be saved! So, that is what I did. I bent down and gently rescued them from their recycling-bin fate even as they chanted with delight:

And then I clothed them and found them a safe place to hang out. Now look at them go go go!

GO have yourself a fantastic day!

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  1. Loved the imaginary conversation!! The process is almost better than the end result (Almost) :)

  2. the way your mind works is fantastic! Such a great piece of art!

  3. Great recycling! Looks like you didn't get much cleaning done though.

  4. The most imaginative use of trash!! And a very nice art piese.

    Now I'm off th raid my trash/recycle bin!

  5. Okay, that's quite cool! And I love your way to see things out of a different view! There are so many hidden things and more, hidden beauty, and you find them!

  6. Inventive, creative, fun and just a little crazy as always Michele! Just the way we like it..

    I love the papered/painted effect you ended up with on your artwork, lovely bright colours and quite motivating too.. go go go!

  7. Haha! Love it! You are creative beyond measure!

  8. I honestly didn't think anyone else had as much tape lying around as I did...

    Great work (by the way)...it reminds me of little Thai Tuk Tuk's :-D


  9. Thank you sooo much - I'll never be able again to get out my little tape dispenser without thinking of having a conservation with them ;-))
    Honestly, this is gourgeous, wonderful, cool, really cool. I LOVE it !!

  10. OH MY !!! You are too good !!! J 'adore ! What did you use to make the dots ???? Je suis trop fan de tes idées !!! Love your blog !!! ( ps : I am just visiting my grand kids , and the firs t thing they gave me : a big bag of toilet paper rolls that they have ben keeping since last month .... Thank you , Michèle ..... ) !)

  11. holy macaroni!!!! i've just come across your blog but you have such talent!! & i love it!! *new follower*


  12. You are so incredibly creative. Nice job.

  13. Michele, I think some sort of crafter's intervention might be in order...you are hearing empty tape dispensers speak?? You make me laugh. Very, very creative. If only postage didn't cost so much, I would send you all my recycling!

  14. Michele, you're just amazing! I'm so proud to have you as a regular contributor on Craft Schooling Sunday, and happy to know that their are those in the world who trash also speaks to them. I also applaud you for not only listening to your trash, but taking action! all the best!

  15. Very creative...and you gotta love the recycling!

  16. Oh my gosh you are just beyond creative! I'm blown away!

  17. This is absolutely original and so clever !

  18. ha! love it! And, funny enough, my neighbors have a dog named Bob - he's kind of the neighborhood pet.

  19. Your creative mind is absolutely amazing! You inspired me to take a second look at tape dispensers. I ended up using them as cookie cutters to make artist's palette shapes.


  20. This is hilarious!

    and also super cool! The "go go go" that you made is fun! I think it would be fun to make a diptych of "be good" and "do good"... it would be such a green message hahaha. Be good! Recycle your trash into awesome art! Haha I am totally going to save my tape rolls to make one!

  21. Your mind does indeed work in a special way! Love this - as I was reading the conversation with the dispensers, I was certain they would be used for homemade washi tape or strips of old wrapping paper that you would eventually use to decorate something or other - but NO, you came up with something I would never have thought of. YOU GO GIRL!!!


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