Friday, September 10, 2010

Tutorial: 100% Concentrated Blue Sky in a Can

Question #1:

How do you capture the sky in a frozen concentrated fruit juice container?

Answer #1:

Please see tutorial below.


Why would you want to capture the sky in a frozen concentrated fruit juice container?


I do not know... There is no good reason for doing this. It is just...very simple and VERY COOL man! Like, SO cool.

Let us begin...

Tutorial: 100% Concentrated Blue Sky in a Can

Walk to your recycling bin and therein find several of those frozen concentrated fruit juice containers. It is not imperative that they be lemonade containers. It's just that I am quite fond of lemonade, and as a result, that is what I found.

Give your containers one lovely coat of white paint.

Whilst you are waiting for the freshly painted containers to dry, sketch some animals. I chose this ubiquitous lot: a cow, a horse and a chicken. Make them a size that will fit your containers, say 3"x3". Include the sky in your design. All sky sections will eventually be cut out, creating a window effect.

Once you are satisfied with your sketches, trace them onto some good quality sketching paper and pencil in a frame.

Paint your designs. I used liquid acrylic paint and outfitted them in an assortment of gray tones. Cut out your designs. Cut out any sky pieces.

Find some pretty paper. I have a roll of paintable wallpaper in my stash, so I decided to use that. This pretty paper will be used to cover your containers. Cut it long enough to fit around the container and slightly taller. Cut a pretty paper piece for each container.

Place one of your painted animals in the centre of one of the pretty paper pieces. Mark the corners of the sky onto the pretty paper.

Cut out the area delineated by these marks. You are creating a window in the pretty paper. Do this for all your pretty paper pieces.

Cut out an equivalent window in one of the juice containers. Do this for all your juice containers.

Reinforce the upper edge of each juice container with masking tape. Paint the inside of your juice containers sky blue. Allow to dry.

Once your sky is dry (that rhymes) apply (that rhymes also) glue to your pretty paper and stick it to your containers. Remember to align the window in your pretty paper to the window in your container.

Glue your painted animal to your container. Make sure to align the sky in your painting with the window in your container. Do this with all your painted animals.

Add a pretty ribbon to the upper edge of your containers.

Oh yes, the project is virtually complete! Only one thing left to do.

Place your containers on a sunny window ledge and behold the magic that ensues!

Yes, it 'can' be done! And you have done it! You have captured your very own little piece of the glorious blue sky! Congratulations.

Have yourself a lovely day!

P.S. Lincoln here.


  1. As you say VERY COOL!! and you're such a good artist!

  2. Those are great! I love the grey painting on them--very nicely done. My daughter would give her right arm for that horse. I may have to run to the recycling bin.

  3. They are so cute! How wonderful to call your creation "catching the sky!"

  4. So very cool! We love farm animals over here at Blue Clear Sky.

  5. I've not seen anything like these before! They look great.

  6. This is so great Michele! Thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday! Do you think this would work on a square container like a milk carton?

  7. These are super cute Michele!!! Love them!!! You are such an amazing artist. Love the animals!!!

  8. You are amazing. Had no idea where you were going, and then bam! Got it! I so love the black and gray against the blue.

    These are gorgeous. And I love your illustrations. Such character and consistency. I can sketch fair enough but making them all seem consistent and happy takes serious talent.
    And bravo on the concept too--I'm totally bookmarking so I can try it down the road... maybe I'll use some old holiday clip art for the central image so I can hang them on the know, like those old fifties ornaments with the glitter on the inside...Oh man, I need to get my glitter on!
    Thank you for such a great idea :)

  10. Those are really cute and I like what peaches said about making them into Christmas ornaments. Although I'm thinking they would look good as outdoor Halloween ornaments too!

  11. Michele would love to know if I may make a post to show the beautiful things you do, with the appropriate link to your blog.Desde and many gracias.Claudia Aloro-Argentina

  12. Oh sooo adorable! Love that you pulled it from your recycling bin. My little boys will love this project.


  13. Tu n 'arrĂȘtes jamais d 'inventer ?????????????
    Bravo , en tous cas !!!!

  14. This is so WOW! I love those animals! What a happy and uplifting creation. I'll be linking.

  15. There is really no end to your creative recycling.. these blue sky animals are really cute and fun!

  16. So cool ! Thanks for the tutorial !

  17. ha ha what a wonderful idea. I love your paintings of animals, well done!

  18. This is fantastic. Blue sky with ordinary cans of yellow

  19. Somehow I missed this post when you posted it. I just saw it. I love it!! I love the blue background with the black and white imges! very cool!

  20. Those are awesome! This project assumes some kind of drawing talent, of which I have none. Possibly, I could trace some existing cute animals.....It's also an excuse to make frozen margaritas (I need the limeade containers - really!).

  21. I just love your writing style. :) It is especially fun on this post.


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