Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tutorial: Falloween Garland

The question, "Does this craft really NEED a gigantic, long-winded, wordy tutorial?" crossed my mind many times as I was making my Falloween craft. Only the most gifted, talented, and crafty types frequent this cyber place, am I right? Right. Okay... But just in case one little novice crafter has slipped through the cracks, I have provided the following wordless tutorial for his/her benefit. All you other seasoned professionals just skip to the good part - the end - where you will find an array of photos of the finished product. I'll meet you down there.


To the little-novice-crafter-who-has-slipped-through-the-cracks:

Welcome! This wordless tutorial is JUST for you. Please note that I used both frozen concentrated fruit juice containers and toilet paper rolls to make the garland. Both are treated in the same way, except that the fruit juice containers are painted orange on the outside and yellow on the inside, and the toilet paper rolls are painted black on the outside and left as-is on the inside. If for some reason, I have failed in my mission to make a transparent, accessible and easy-to-understand tutorial, please do not hesitate to "let me have it" in the comments. I apologize in advance if this is the case and promise to apologize again afterwards. It would be un-Canadian of me to do otherwise. I am sorry.

Wordless Tutorial: Falloween (Fall/Halloween) Garland

Have a wonderful day!

P.S. I will be linking here!


  1. Fabulous! I think that they are adorable! Great job reusing a lemonade can!

    Please enter my giveaway!

  2. I am going to pretend that I am a seasoned professional. The tutorial is great!

  3. Another clever idea - I love this and the one before with the animals..... your sketches are so good!
    Yellow is a happy colour to me!

  4. mich, I changed my blog url to www.sewsimone.blogspot.com I was noticing that your link isn't working anymore - probably because of the change. Hope all is well with you,

  5. Seriously cute...I have some spin-offs twirling around in my head!!

  6. Great result and beautiful photos!

  7. Wow! A really clever new life for TP rolls !!


  8. Glorabunda! I just made that up, it is very appropriate. I really did need the tutorial, by the way! The small black accents are fab. What are you going to do with it?

  9. Love the idea!! gonna share this with my readers too :]

  10. That is so cool! Great effect, very pumpkin-y!
    Now if only there were a tutorial.. (I am joking of course!!)

  11. Love the wordless tutorial. I am a picture person myself!

    Thank you for linking up to Upcycled Awesome number 14!

  12. Great idea , the pictures really tell the story. Louise xx

  13. Seriously, I don't know what I love more the title or the fact that you used frozen juice cans (Which I do not buy purely for the non-recyclable-reusable qualities) so beautifully. I bet any kiddo would love to make these, or at least see them hanging up! Would be fabulous really for any holiday with a quick colour pallette change too!

  14. Ooooooooo! These are wonderful!!!!! I saw from lemonade and OJ on sale this weekend so I bought a few with the intention of trying out your tutorial with the illustrations....but I now I see this....
    The cow may have to wait. Or I'm going to double up on my juice consumption right quick. I'll keep you posted :)
    Hmmm....wonder if there is a way I could make this waterproof? I would love this as an oversize outdoor garland! Hmmm......

  15. Those are so cool! I love those paper globes you've created! Thanks so much Michele, I just love your tutorials! I'll be linking.

  16. ooo, super pretty! I love the finished product! It's really hard to believe that they are made from typical "garbage"

  17. No Name Pink Lemonade From No Frills..........Our Favourtie And Now I Can Use The Empty Cans For This Awesome Craft......Thank you

  18. I'll definitely never throwing away anything anymore, ever.. Seriously ever...


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