Monday, November 8, 2010

Plastic Bottle Wreath Tweaked

Do you remember the plastic bottle wreath?... I made it over here? The tutorial is there too if you scroll down a bit... Is it coming back to you? Well... ideas were had, votes were tallied, changes were made, and now the plastic bottle wreath is WHITE!

Yes, there was some deliberation prior to painting. The pros and cons of painting the wreath white boiled down to the following:

  • The work involved in painting it: get out the drop cloth, find that old can of white spray paint, get the wreath, put on the coat and hat because it's colder that Pete outside, carry everything outside, unplug the old can of spray paint, spray your hands white while struggling to unplug the old can of spray paint, spray paint it while your fingers turn blue under the white paint, let it dry, wash your hands, go outside, bring it in, get a new white hanger, hang it.
  • It's no longer transparent which was super-cool.
  • It's not nearly as ethereal or jelly-fish-like.
  • It's just not the same...
  • It's a million times BETTER because now you can actually SEE it!!!

Hi there little wreath with all your little white details! So nice to SEE you! I must say, you're a pretty one, aren't you? Come hang out for a while, will ya?

Now you. Go have yourself a sunny day!


  1. Wow, it almost looks ceramic or something?! I know what you mean about losing the jellyfish quality, but from where I, standing it looks BETTER THAN EVER! You know, I was thinking about trying out your wreath for Xmas and maybe incorporating some semi-opaque milk jugs to give it some 'stand out' power...but seeing as I don't drink nearly enough milk, making one before Xmas could have been a challenge. Problem solved! White wreath here I come!

  2. I love it white!!! It's so nice to be able to see all the detail now!! It makes a really nice decoration!!!

  3. Yes, I love it white! All the round bottle-bottom flowers look like flowers now. A charming, charming tweak!

  4. I love it - it's now the perfect Christmas wreath :-)

  5. I love it Michelle it looks amazing white!

  6. I think that the white is the perfect touch for this wreath! While the transparent wreath made for some really fun photos, I really prefer it white! Beautiful!

  7. Yes you can definitely see more detail now its white and its now the perfect decoration for this time of the year. Freezing your butt off was worth it!!

  8. Wow this is very cool Michelle! You are a genius. Are you trained as engineering of everything recyclable? I love it, it's great Christmas ideas - Hugs Nat

  9. this is brilliant! in your hands and imagination magical things always happen!

  10. I do see more detail now.. but I have to say.. I preferred it transparent.. sorry, that's just me :)

  11. Wow! This is awesome. What a great way to repurpose! You're so talented (:

  12. That is a gorgeous wreath, it doesn't look like plastic bottles AT ALL! What a neat idea, and recycled at that. I love it, it looks like lace!

  13. This is lovely smart you are dear...hmmmmm

  14. That is awesome! I would love for you to link up at my Strut Your Stuff Party!

  15. I think it looks PRETTY IN WHITE!!! Can't believe it's plastic bottles.


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  16. Incredible! I would never think those were bottles.


  17. This is amazing. I love recycled projects! Great job!

  18. Just beyond fabulous !! You do such amazing things with ordinary materials.

  19. Thanks for this great tutorial. I love your eco green ideas and style. 10/10.

    OK. I am inspired to invite you to come link up with us, so our readers can love you too:

    Every Wednesday there will be a new party, so bookmark our home page and you can come back over and over again with great ideas and tutorials.

    We look forward to showing your work.

    Have a happy day!

  20. Fabulous love the wreath so much..great tutorial
    Thanks for sharing

  21. Very fun looking, I love that it is different than the norm!


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