Friday, December 17, 2010

A Giveaway Winner AND... AND A Fresh New Feature


Before I go on, I want to say that the giveaway was just great great fun for me and my family! We actually took some time out over the last few evenings to read all your comments and sayings out loud to each other. And I must confess we laughed hard several times. So I'll be incorporating some or all of your everyday sayings in a craft early in the New Year. Thank you so much for your enthusiastic and heartfelt participation! It was a blast!

Now, let us find out who won Monday's Giveaway... Here's what Mr. True Random Number Generator came up with:

#132 - Sarah said: "Oh my." lol - I guess I am surprised alot.

Well I hope you'll be surprised again Sarah because YOU HAVE WON!!! I will be emailing you shortly so we can get that package on its way to you ASAP!


Today I am introducing a new now-and-again feature here at Michele Made Me! I've actually done the feature once before under a different name (this crazy one here, tell no one...) but I came to the conclusion that the title was a teensy bit confusing, unintelligible even, since it consisted of two made-up words. This no doubt elicited questions from you like "What on Mother Earth is she talking about?" or "Who let this girl write a blog?", for example.

But we live and we learn, right? So, I've renamed the spot "FROM THE LAND OF BLOG" wherein someone (like you, for instance) takes a half-baked idea of mine and goes off with it on their own creative tangent, and then I feature it here in all its wondrous glory!

Let us begin today's little tour de crafts, shall we? Walk this way...

Below you see an amazing recycled toilet roll flower wreath-in-progress created by Suz from Suz Crochet Groove. The finished wreath can be seen on her blog so you have no choice now but to pay her a visit. She was inspired by this post.

Well, all I can say to you Suz is that the tables have turned. It is I who is inspired by YOU! Wow! So beautiful!

Next we have the work of
Nadia Visheratina who, spurred on by this post, made these denim disc tree ornaments with her children. I really fancy dimensional paint so my favourite might just be the little gold one, but if I'm honest, I love them all. This is a simple and pretty craft that even children can sink their teeth into!

Next we come to a whole slew of handmade covered buttons designed by DM. While some were inspired by this tutorial, DM is quite obviously a creative soul. She has proven that the possibilities are endless when it comes to handmade covered buttons, dressing some in crochet, some in hand-embroidery and embellishing others with beads. Look at them all! I've said it before and I'll say it again, these little guys are addictive. I dare you to make only one.

The two works of loveliness below come courtesy of Goska. First is her denim tree interpreted from this post. The little apples on this tree are all her, and I think they're brilliant. Imagine adorning the little trees in beads or yarn or paint. Again, the world of denim trees is a world of options! Her second offering is the toilet roll wreath which she has made using...well... a toilet roll. She used this tutorial as her starting point. I notice that her cutting is different and less complex than mine, making her version a more accessible craft for children (and grownups too actually).

When So Knit Picky emailed me to let me know she'd made something inspired by this post, I was not expecting to see paint palettes when I visited her blog. But that's what inspiration is after all. Building on an idea, taking it in a whole new direction, running with it. I think that using the tape dispensers as a paint palette cookie cutter qualifies as darn inspired, don't you? And the photo below does NOT show the wonderful end product. For that you'll have to click this link and check it out for yourself!

And finally, we come full circle to another striking recycled wreath. This one, by Aunt Peaches is made from all manner of rescued recyclables. She collected many many plastic cups and bottles, tin cans and foam cups over the course of a few MONTHS to have enough to make her wreath! That is dedication. This is mine here, which she cites as one of her inspirations. Imagine trashing this thing of beauty now? That would be a crime in my books.

Which brings us all home safe and sound!

So if one day you, yes YOU, get the urge to make a craft inspired by something you've seen on Michele Made Me, please let me know. I would be ecstatic to feature your work (and brag about it to the world) here on "FROM THE LAND OF BLOG". Don't even think twice, just email me!

Now remember, you go have a great day!


  1. Such a great idea! I love how people were motivated by your creativity to create something of their own. I've found several neat ideas of yours that I want to try myself, and I only found your blog 2 days ago :)
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Man you inspire the world...I think I am a little jealous... :)

  3. You are inspiring Michele for sure!

    All those projects look lovely :)

  4. The features are really cool and beautiful! :)

    And grats to the winner!

  5. Totally inspiring Michele! I first found your blog when I saw your tut for your wonderful denim trees, who knows, maybe one day I'll try making one too.

  6. Thank you Michèle, and thanks to the internet! How I love to see how ideas and pictures travel so quick, and how we can see how ideas evolve and live, how we feel we are not the only crazy person who would think of making something with toilet paper rolls , or meat trays , or empty plastic bottles , it's fun to see that some are much better at using them than you are ! Oh well , then I keep learning , and this IS F U N !!!!

  7. Wow!! So many wonderful crafts!! You are all so creative!!

  8. Maravilloso blog, tenes una imaginación a flor de piel que me encanta, trabajos bellisismos en donde mostras que sos una artista con todas las letra, te sigo desde SALTA, un lugar hermosos de mi querida ARGENTINA, un abrazo GRACIELA

  9. Who let this girl write a blog? It is so annoying. Because I drop everything and go into Michele Made Me zone whenever I see there's a new post. You are always inspiring, always inspired.

  10. #1 Thank you for the shout out! It's great to be in such good company. You are an inspiration to us all, and it's nice to see it lined up for us all like this. Wow! It's got to feel really good to stand back and see it all at once.

    #2 Totally unrelated, I usually see your latest stuff because it pops up on my blogger dashboard as one of the sites I follow....I hadn't popped over bc I hadn't seen anything on my dashboard for a while. Today I came over looking for those blue sky cans you made ages ago and see several posts that are NEW (to me at least) that didn't come up in my dashboard. Odd huh? Maybe it's a single goof or I just missed something, but I wouldn't worry about it, but if someone else mentions it, you might want to make sure it's not a pattern. I know other people wouldn't want to miss your stuff like me! In teh mean time, I'll just have to subscribe!

  11. Thanks Michele for featuring my version of your loo roll flowers...l've been collecting again and plan another LR Flower creation in the new year
    Thanks for a great blog and loadsa inspiration
    Hope you had a fab Christmas day and wish you all the best for a fun filled crafty 2011
    Hugs Suz x


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