Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Once in a Blue Moon...

I say on my "About Me" page that I am a non-cook and that, likely, you'll never see food or recipes on this blog. Well... I kinda lied.

It's true. My husband does 98% of the cooking in our house. He's very good at it. He likes to do it. Me, well... cooking does NOT interest me. My 2% accounts for those times when Lo is out of town on business and I have NO choice. On those occasions, I boil up a pot of Kraft Dinner or "prepare" a can of baked beans. Admittedly, I'm not the best at cooking. For example, just the other day I was supposed to steam some broccoli for dinner. Unfortunately, I forgot that most vital of ingredients: steam. So the broccoli florets came out on the somewhat brownish side. Most un-delicious. Oh yes, we did eat them. I was NOT about to re-cook them or throw them out, no no... But this explains why he cooks. The kitchen is his domain. And I, the hungry recipient of all he conjures up therein.

Yesterday however, I felt Lo deserved a break. He's so good to me you know. He's amazing. And I wanted to surprise him, reward him, show him I appreciate him etc, etc... So yesterday, New York Times Cookbook firmly in hand, I prepared dinner. I made quiche Lorraine with a homemade crust, along with a green salad à la michèle.

For the salad I used whatever was in the fridge and cupboard: Boston lettuce, half a sliced apple, a chopped carrot, a handful of pistachios, a few raisins. For my dressing, I vigourously mixed 1 part Miracle Whip with 1 part honey.

And I don't know. For some reason, I make a mean pie-crust. I can't boil water to save my life but I can whip up a pie-crust that would do Julie and Julia proud. Figure that... And the filling part of quiche is child's play. If you can read, you can make quiche. Luckily, I CAN read.

It was... dare I say it... an egg-cellent meal! Both salad and quiche were YUM-Meeee. Lo was very grateful for the break and rewarded me with that super-wide smile of his. And I was proud of myself for venturing into the kitchen. Probably I should go in there more often, eh?... Probably.

So my point is this: you may see cooking on this blog once in a blue moon. Sorry I misled you. Can you ever forgive me?... I sure hope so.

I also hope you have yourself a great day. I'll see you again soon!


  1. Wow! looks so yummy. I would love to see you post about what you're up to in the kitchen!

  2. You had me laughing this morning, Michele:) I'd like to try your Miracle Whip salad dressing. And you are absolutely right... your pie crust is divine!

  3. It does look like you make a mean pie strange for a non cook! It all looks yummy!

  4. I want to have a bite! Those dishes look so yummy!

    Hurray for husbands that cook! Mine loves to cook when he’s not travelling for business. I used to love cooking, but now I’ve lost interest in making myself a nice dinner when he’s not at home. Pretty bad he?!

  5. wow, that looks mighty fine for someone who doesn't cook, looks divine, especially the salad!

  6. Pie crust can be tricky -- even for seasoned cooks. Good for you!!

  7. HA I don't believe you're not much of a cook. This looks delicious!

  8. From the fantastic pictures I can tell you had a fabulous dinner and it all looks very delicious!!

  9. ohh..its yummy..would you believe dear,when 1st time i saw your profile & there was written that your husband cooks,so i laugh & think how smart husband she has..lucky,hmmm
    well its nice,i think you can do everything are a multi talented lady..yap

  10. Nom nom nom! Your making me hungry!

    I can hardly believe you don't cook. Nothing wrong with taking advantage of the Mr.'s many talents, but I'll bet you do better than you let on...

    And my hats off on the pie crust. I can't make pie crust for crap...(I'm not a gourmet type but I'd hold my own as a short order cook)...pie crust is one of the few dishes I won't even bother to attempt. Hello freezer section!

  11. Wow! For an non-cook (or a cook!) that looks pretty great!

  12. Congratulations on your cooking! My mom's been trying to get me to cook all my life, but she got me a rice steamer for Christmas and I love that thing! Rice in the steamer...Chicken on the George Foreman grill...Dinner!


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