Monday, May 9, 2011

Series 6: The Box Chain #2 - Junk Mail Rosettes

I figured if I'm going to make more box chain crafts, I might as well organize them into a tidy series. Not that I'm tidy. No, that is something I strive to be but have yet to master. But it is a goal, and it's good to have goals (I hear), no matter how lofty.

So for Series 6 - The Box Chain #2 I'm showing off the little gift embellishment I used to pretty-up this gift as suggested by the lovely Ann Flowers back in these comments. Thank you Ann! Same exact concept as described in Part 1. I just made several short box chains out of junk mail, glued their ends together to make little rosettes, and attached them with glue directly onto the recycled tissue paper wrapping. See how cute and simple this is?

Make a bunch of rosettes, configure them however you like on your package, and Bob's your uncle, it's a gift!

You have a great day now, I'm off to advance myself. I'll see you soon!

P.S. Interesting article in Handmadeology today about making sure you're headed down the right path (something that isn't always clear to me)... Check it out here.


  1. Great embellishments. You could use these on lots of different things.

  2. Sweet rosettes! Thanks for the link - I liked that article and think that I need to carve out an hour to put some thought into achieving my goals. Goals? What goals? Maybe I need a preliminary hour to figure some out.

  3. So pretty, I am going to try this. It would be nice to group some ones into a mini wreath.

  4. these are awesome..i always love your paper crafts..amazing reuse & recyclingzzzz
    keep it up my dear :)

  5. Michele....Wowwww! (Yes, the extra w's were necessary for impact) They don't look at all like box chains to begin with. To think what happens when end meets beginning... they are so sweet. Thank you for following through and experimenting!

  6. Gorgeous! I love how you can turn trash into an art form! And I want to thank you for inspiring me to make crafts from recyclables- its really fun!

  7. So purty, gurl! Thanks for the link to the inspiring article, too! I do need to be sure my ladder is up against the right wall...

  8. thanks KJ! agreed, a wreath sounds so pretty!

  9. Oh Cool! They remind of star anise a bit. Would love to make a garland out of them sometime. Or a hat. Yes, these would def look super on a hat!

    I'm off to check out Handmadeology....


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