Thursday, September 1, 2011

Drop-Dead Denim: The Prelude

The whole of September here at Michele Made Me is dedicated to a celebration of the simple beauty, the ruggedness and the plain wonderfulness of that versatile material, DENIM. Specifically, the focus is on the recycling of old jeans.

Join me, won't you?

Ducky Denim Pouch by Michele, September 2010

If someone told me I had to pick one outfit to wear for the rest of my days, there'd be no question jeans would be involved. The fabric we know as denim transcends time and trends. I mean, you'd be hard pressed to find someone wearing velour pants these days. But blue jeans? Blue jeans are everywhere. They're worn by everyone. And they have been popular for decades with no signs of "fading". So what's the appeal?

It's funny about denim. It is rugged. Yet supple. It is tough. Yet soft. It allows one to feel eminently comfortable yet sexy all at the same time. Is this singular combination of characteristics inherent in any other fabric? I do not think so. And jeans are not just brought out every now and again, occasionally, sometimes, and only for special events. No. For some reason, due to the powerful chemistry residing within each fibre, people - me included - choose jeans over and over again, day in and day out, until they fall to shreds upon our very bodies. We love our jeans to death, we wear them with zeal, and when the time comes, we hate to see them go.

It's love. LOVE is at the very heart of denim recycling. That special feeling of well-being we enjoy while wearing jeans is what makes us want to hang on to them even once they've outlived their initial purpose, and resurrect them into brand new stuff. That's my take on it anyway.

So I've decided to set aside a whole month to craft uniquely with old denim. This blog's September mission is to:

Recycle some jeans.

Make some beauty.

And encourage the world to do the same.

You in? Well, okay then. I'll see you tomorrow with the low-down on the month ahead. In the meantime, you have yourself a fantastic day!

Note: See the Drop-Dead Denim Flickr Group button on my sidebar? It's an open invitation to upload any of your denim projects. Let me see those beauties!


  1. Like the prelude - builds up on anticipation!
    I might join in the fun with a bag I (almost) made out of old jeans. It's been waiting to be finished for a year now!

  2. My brother (he is 40-something) still wears his favorite pair of jeans from high school He cares for those pants like a rare antique. It is a bit spiritual, really!

    Go Michele!

  3. I love me some jeans too!!! Can't wait to see all the projects and inspiration!! Hugs Ariane

  4. Guess I'd better haul out those jeans that no longer fit my youngest! Can't wait to see what you've got install for us!

  5. Ooh, I love your blog! Have posted on my blog about this months' theme. So timely, because I was wondering what to do with the rest of my hubby's jeans!

  6. Those Christmas trees are just plain cool!


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