Friday, September 2, 2011

Drop-Dead Denim: The Plan

The whole of September here at Michele Made Me is dedicated to a celebration of the simple beauty, the ruggedness and the plain wonderfulness of that versatile material, DENIM. Specifically, the focus is on the recycling of old jeans into pretty new things. It'll be all denim, all the time!

So September has arrived and you may be asking yourself what kinds of things are in store for the coming month... Here's what cooking:

1. For the first time in the history of this blog, I will be oh-so-gently handing over the reigns of Michele Made Me to some truly talented friends. These sweet women have kindly joined me on this half-cocked Drop-Dead Denim adventure and I am privileged to have them unveil their denim projects here. Won't that be fun? Be gentle with my baby you guys! She's a fragile beast... I'm beyond pleased with this lineup. They are:

Charissa from The Gifted Blog
Gwen from Gwenny Penny
Michelle from Mich L. in L.A.
Peaches from Aunt Peaches

Edit: Add Krista from Poppyprint to the guest list please!

And I'm kinda flabbergasted to have a very special guest expert participating as well: the author of Denim Revolution and blogger behind Jean Repair, Nancy Minsky!


2. I will be introducing some brand new free tutorials just for you. Like today's Mi-Shell's Denim Pendant Tutorial for one.

3. AND I will also be opening up a shop. You know like for selling things. I'll be offering my very first tutorial-for-sale. Ho. This is kinda big for me. So far, everything I've done on Michele Made Me for the past 16 months I've offered freely. I'm ready for the next step. And I find myself a little bit excited about it... Oh dearie me.

4. You will be asked to post photos of your recycled denim projects to the smashing new Drop-Dead Denim Flickr group over the course of the month. See the button over on the sidebar there? Later on this September, I will choose a few of my favourite projects to feature right here. There are only 2 little rules. The project must include some old denim, and it must be handmade by you. Don't be shy now. Upload at will!

5. Every post will contain a feature called "Digging This Denim" highlighting at least one totally swell handcrafted denim link mined from the mighty WWW.

6. And finally, September will end with a gorgeous giveaway just for you.

Now normally I post Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. For the month of September however, you may be perturbed to find me posting a little more than usual. There's just so much goodness to share. Three times a week is not enough time in which to do it. So, yes, a couple more posts...

And that about covers it.

Now I do have a project today but I decided it needed its very own post. So hop on over HERE to see my first jean-etically modified creation of the month!

Previous event links: Drop-Dead Denim: The Prelude


  1. I hope many will join your drop-dead denim month projects! And... good luck with your new journey of having a shop and offering stuff for sale! Good for you!

  2. Fun, fun, fun! Thanks for inviting me to participate Michele. It was worth the broken needles :)

  3. Yeah! I am so excited for September! Lots of great stuff coming up. I can't wait to check out your new shop too-good for you!!! Yeah again!

  4. Jeanetically altered? Ha! A shop, a shop? That is cool news, too! All kinds of fun stuff going on. Your plan has my complete approval.

  5. Oh, that all sound just great! Love all about it from your denim love to your guest bloggers up to your shop! :)

    And more than three entries per week from you? Wouldn't mind it also for october and december and... ehm... I think the point is clear ^^

  6. Hooray, the kick-off! Great job organizing, Michele - it's clear you've been so thoughtful about all of this. And the phrase "mined from the mighty WWW"? I think you just coined a new one.
    ; )

  7. This is a great idea for a series, and I'm so excited to be a part of it. I can't wait to see your first ever tutorial-for-sale.

  8. the denim pendants are so so cute! I am using this project for my girl scout troop during our recycle/reuse/reduce lesson!! can't wait to wear my own cool pendant!!


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