Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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My current work schedule looks something like this:
  • Work Sunday night from about 8 pm onward.
  • Work Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm while the Boy is in school.
  • Work Monday to Friday again once the Boy is off to bed.

All in all, I'm okay with this schedule. But I think I'd like to make one small change. If I could take Sunday night off, I think I'd be darn satisfied. What I'm trying to achieve is a crafting/blogging-free weekend. I think my home and family deserve my full attention on the weekend when we're all together. But I also like the idea of time off just for me, you know? However, with a post scheduled for Monday morning, I'm invariably in front of the computer every Sunday night.

I love my crafts and my computer. I do. But I'm looking for a little more balance: on the one hand, making time for my family and me, and on the other hand, putting time into the work I love. I think the solution lies in my blog's posting schedule. If I shift my posting schedule by a day from Mon-Wed-Fri to Tues-Thurs-Sat then I just might be able to reclaim my Sunday night. For sure, it means tightening up my work habits a little - because I'll be losing those few hours on Sunday night - but I think it's totally do-able!

I'm going to give it a shot. Starting today, I'll be experimenting with a new posting schedule: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays.

Why even have a bloggy posting schedule, you ask? I don't know... Because it works, I guess... My posting schedule isn't set in stone or the law or anything. It's not written down though I'm sure I've mentioned it to you before. No one coerces me to publish a post at a certain time (except for those little voices in my head maybe).  I do it for me. Having a posting schedule keeps me motivated and organized, something I've always wrestled with. It also gives me a framework to work within, and forces me to think ahead. After blogging willy-nilly for 8-1/2 months without a schedule, I realized that 3 posts/week, published consistently, was ideal for me. Once I implemented it, it made all the difference.

But you know what? There are no rules. I am in charge. I am the boss here. I've considered posting one day a week; I've considered two days a week. And you never know. The time may come when I make those kinds of changes. For now I'm pretty satisfied with my 3 posts per week.

Well you have a great day now. I'll be back here on Thursday!

Note: I made the mitts featured above using several thrifted fingering weight yarns, knitted two strands at a time. Again, I followed the Patons Canadiana Vintage Mitten Pattern #303 (same as mentioned here). These rainbowy concoctions are a gift for one of my girls. Sure hope she likes rainbow!


  1. You do what works - love the blue autumn skies and yellow leaves behind you in some of the photos...

  2. I am with you on this. I also think family time is precious, although I have had posts on various days of the week even Sunday. But when that happens, I already have pictures in store and an almost composed post. However, you do whatever works best for you. I have never challenged myself to post every single day - I don't want saturated audience :) ha, ha...
    If it happens, it's OK. If not - I don't stress out a lot. Blogging should be fun, shouldn't it?
    Love the mitts!

  3. Love the mittens, Michele. Beautiful.

    I think every blogger struggles with balance, but I think you have your priorities straight. It's good to keep a schedule, and I think that would make a big difference for me, but I haven't been able to make it work yet. Maya is right, blogging should be fun. Sometimes it isn't, and that's something I'm working on. I'll still be here Tues, Thurs, Sat :)

  4. I understand your point of you completly! The blog is great for many things. I make it for me too and since I started it I feel better and better. But I know it could create a sort of addiction and I'm afraid of that!
    And no matter if you change your schedule or reduce the number of the posts, I follow your blog anyway!!!
    Love from Italy

  5. No matter when you post I will be here!

    Having a posting schedule really can be helpful, but often I don‘t get a chance to take pictures or unexpected things happen. I now post just when I like to and have something to show or tell. Totally random.

  6. I love the mittens!! They look great!!!

  7. The mitts are adorable. Blogging is so personal, just do what works for you. I love reading what you're up to whenever you choose to post.

  8. Good looking mittens!
    We love you, and your blog - in that order. We'll see you when we see you. Take care!

  9. Gorgeous mittens - love the photo shoot!!
    I'm still playing around with my blogging schedule - and at this stage loving spending my time doing it - but my girls are starting to tell me I'm ALWAYS blogging - so time for a bit more organisation of my time I think! You're right - with a blog you're the boss - it's yours, nobody is making you do it - make your own timetable and enjoy it and time with your family too!!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  10. Hear! Hear! Do whatever works for YOU!
    I've been struggling with the same—blogging schedule. I've tried implementing one without making an announcement—and it hasn't worked. Maybe if I do announce it, accountability will kick in. Haha! We'll see... After 6yrs of blogging it also may be that I'm experiencing the 7 year itch.

  11. From the look of these comments, it seems you are not the only one trying to come up with a blogging schedule that works for you!

    When i first started blogging it seemed the prevailing wisdom dictated at the very least a daily post. But like you I find about three a week works best for me (except at the winter Holidays of course!)

    And I really do appreciate other bloggers who post once or twice or three times a week because it is much, much, much easier to keep up with their blogs. When i find i am 15 posts down after being gone a week - I usually just delete. I hate that, but I just can not keep up with so many posts.

    So thank you for creating a reasonable number of posts per week! And thank you for bringing this topic up in the first place. Quality, not quantity, is the word today!

  12. O I forgot! the mittens! Beautiful - totally beautiful! YOU have inspired me to learn to make mittens. I have lots of scrap yarns to use up. And I love the rainbow effect you have created here.

    Of course, I must be good and finish the projects i have started first, but right after the holidays - it is mittens for me!

    thank you!

  13. Yeah I know where you're coming from Michele. It's really hard to hit on the right balance in life sometimes. I like having a schedule too as it keeps me from frittering my day away. Having a blog keeps me motivated to get stuff done that's for sure. Recently I decided to get more of a blogging schedule too which makes my posts a little more regular and motivates me again to think of something to post about. But when my schedule doesn't happen I try not to worry about it.
    Because of the time zones I am always one day ahead of you anyway so your new schedule should actually be better for me but as long as it works for you Michelle:-)


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