Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reader Question: Nesquik Can Ideas

 Multi-layered, rotatable Nesquik can inspired by MeiJo's Joy

A question showed up in my inbox recently. It went something like this:

SA: I have a question... Do you have any ideas for the Nesquik can?

Ah yes, the Nesquik Can... So useful and quite impossible to relegate to garbage-dom. Good question SA!

Well... to start, here's a swell collection of possibilities from the craftosphere:

1. Candy Totes @ Craft
2. A Little Tin of Shamrocks @ You Are My Fave
3. Organizer @ Chrystal's Corner
4. Vintage Holders @ Parsimonia
5. Tin Can Pincushion @ Living With Punks
6. Idea Board w/ Cans @ I Didn't Sign Up For This
7. Soup Can Organizer from HGTV@ Craft
8. Can Cover @ Elsie Marley

But I also found this super-cool Rotatable Layered Storage Box tutorial by MeiJo's Joy so I decided to try it out on my one and only Nesquik can. My results:

Thanks so much for the great tutorial MeiJo. It totally works. Absolutely rotatable AND layered! I mod podged the outside of the can with a page from an old space calendar; the top part innards I podged with some old tissue paper.  I also couldn't help but slap an egg carton flower on top there to jazz it up. Just have to decide what to store inside. Maybe it could become someone's fancy two-part Christmas wrapping, eh, with candies on top and chocolates in the bottom? Or love notes in the bottom and a beautiful trinket on top?

So I'm curious... Put on that thinking cap of yours and let me ask you this. What would you create from a lovely Nesquik can?


  1. Thank you very much! Very good post, I will share it :)

    Best regards.

  2. Hello dear, its Just perfect :) PC is a smart crafter & a lovely friend too :)

  3. You're most welcome S.A. I hope this gives you some ideas!

  4. You can also check one of my Tin Can reuse idea & tutorial here;


    Thanks *(*

  5. We don't get the lovely plastic lid on our Nesquik tins here - it's a tin lid. (although they did plastic lids for a special edition once - the lids had a slot in them and you kept the tin as a money box!)
    I once kept a whole heap of them for the kids to use for ten pin bowling in the garden - but they went rusty pretty quickly. I'll have to check out the other ideas you found!

    But meijo's joy's idea is just fabulous - I saw that too and loved it!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  6. Thanks for the shout-out!! And thanks for a list of new possibilities:) Love the rotating layered storage idea!

  7. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [16 Nov 02:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  8. Wow! What a good one! I love the egg carton flower - soooo cute and lovely...I wouldn't never have guess if you didn't mention! Love - PC

  9. The Nesquik can, so lovely to see it on your blog! Nestlé is a Swiss company by origin and almost 150 years old. Their mission is Good Food, Good Life and they would be thrilled to see all the recycling ideas!

  10. Hey Michele! Thanks so much for linking to my vintage holders! I'll be sure and pass this post along to the world of social media! :)


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