Saturday, February 4, 2012

Juice Can Cereal Box Basket Tutorial in The Shop!

A small basket made from a juice can and a cereal box @ Michele Made Me

It's time I update my wee shop, don't you think?

Today's shop offering is a 9-page PDF tutorial for my "Juice Can Cereal Box Basket". You've probably divined from its name that it is entirely recycled. And you've no doubt correctly assumed that it is woven from a metal-bottomed, frozen concentrated fruit juice container and a cereal box. You'd be right on both counts, of course.

PDF Tutorial for baskets made from a juice can and a cereal box @ Michele Made Me

Does this mean we're on the same page, you and I, and I barely have to speak anymore? That's okay. It's good that we're comfortable. I'm happy that you "get me" you know? Darn nice, that.

Well I  am off to enjoy my weekend. You have a lovely one too.



  1. Love your woven juice can cereal box basket!

  2. great idea and now I must laugh - you will understand eventually.

  3. Great fun idea! And a good way for kids to learn to weave.

  4. What a neat job on this one Michele!

  5. This is amazing! Such a brilliant idea!

  6. Pretty pretty! I love how the juice can lid gives such a refined bottom edge. You clever weaver, you.

  7. Wow. You are quite clever, aren't you ;) Another fabulous idea, Michele.

    1. Hey Gwen and Michelle, thanks for your sweet comments.


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